While many people are happy about the engagement of Kim Kardashian to Kris Humphries, there is one person who is bitter. Reggie Bush who is Kim’s ex boyfriend is so bitter that he even missed out on the launch party for the Gumball Rally 3000 at the Playboy Club in London on Wednesday, May 25.

An eyewitness who claims to have overheard Cody Green who is Reggie’s Gumball Rally 3000 teammate, telling a friend the reason why the 26-year-old backed out at the last minute. “We heard Kim got engaged, so we think that’s why Reggie didn’t turn up,”  Cody reportedly said. Cody also said that Reggie sounded so bitter about the engagement and that was why he didn’t show up.

Reggie and Kim have been dating since 2007 but after several years of dating which was on and off, the two decided to end to end their romance for good in 2010. Kim made sure that Reggie knew about her 18 May engagement to Kris before breaking the news to the public.Kim made sure that Reggie was informed about the engagement because she knew that everyone will be contacting him for comments and for his reactions.  An insider told Hollywood Life that he was apparently made aware of the People magazine cover as well.

Rumor had it that it was Reggie who ended the relationship because Kim  kept nagging him about marriage. This leaves one  wondering  why he seems so upset and instead,  he should be glad Kim has found happiness with someone else.




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