Kim Kardashian wedding to basket ball ace Kris Humphries  might turn out to be a family affair. This is made possible by the fact that her mother is an ordained minister who can conduct on the vows. Kris Jenner who is the mother to Kim Kardashian says that she will be more than delighted to take the center role in her daughters wedding.

Jenner continues to say that being an ordained minister, she knew that it will come in handy one day but what she does not know is where her daughter will like her to be on her big day. Kris Jenner has urged her superstar daughter not to change her name after the wedding.   she continues to say that she doesn’t think that her daughter should change her name from Kim Kardishan to  Kim Humphries.

The mother thinks that her daughter needs to keep the name Kim Kardishan as she has worked so hard to be able to get where she is. Insiders has revealed that Kim is going to make a lot of millions from her big day. A source told Pop Eater that Kim Humphries might not have known what he is getting to as the wedding is going to happen into the public eye.  The couple is also going to make millions off their wedding.


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