It was incorrectly reported that after her marriage to Kris Humphries,  Kim Kardashian will change her name to Kim Hamphries but the TV star will not change her name. It will not make any sense for her to change her name as it is her brand.

Whether Kim Kardashian changes her name or not, she will remain the same TV star and as Shakespeare once said “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” This means that even if Kim Kardashian decides to change her name to Kim Hamphries or not, she will still remain Kim Kardashian. Kim have her own signature fragrance that she markets and everyone would smell their way to her to be assured that she is the one and only Kim Kardashian.

You really get to wonder why people do get wound up about the things that do not matter in the life’s big picture. Kim’s mother had earlier said that she her daughter needs to keep the name Kim Kardashian as she had worked so hard to get where she is.

Would you have any trouble knowing exactly who Kim Kardashian was if she became Kim Humphries? or would you be any less likely to recognize her because of a change in name? According to a particular source, this does not seem like it will be an issue but as there is more time before the two love birds says ” I DO”,  a lot of things could change.

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