Kim Kardashian has stated that she is not ready for kids just yet. The socialite married NBA star a few months ago, and she recently responded to fans questions over the anticipated arrival of their first child. Kardashian replied that their major priority is deciding the path of their careers, upon which their plans for the future rest. Despite it, Kardashian gave a tentative date of a year before they start trying for a child.

She also stated that she is extremely keen on living together and not separately. As a result, even if Kris Humphries moves to Oklahoma City, she would have no trouble leaving her current glamorous life, which involves living anywhere in Los Angeles for New York. Even though they seem like the perfect couple, Kardashian has said that things have not been rosy all the time. According to her, a spat occurred between them just before the wedding due to the differences in planning for the wedding.

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