Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have been dating for six months and it is only last week when Kris surprised the star by popping the big question  along with a 20.5 Carat Diamond engagement ring. Kris mom Kris Jenner says that she was caught off guard by her daughters sudden news.  Jenner  told FOX411’s Pop Tarts on Thursday that Kim dropped the bombshell and went to Europe for a couple of days.

Kim who is 30 years and Kris who is 26 years are a relatively a new couple who are based on opposite ends of the country. Kris have been playing pro basketball for the past five to six months which means traveling around the country while Kim is is one of the most hardworking women in show business with a multi-million dollar self brand and this is making a lot of people to wonder if the holy union is in trouble even before they say I DO.

Romantic chemistry takes 1.2 seconds to ignite making people to feel like they have known each other for lifetime.  Donna Sozio says that  having chemistry with someone is only a bond that is based on chemical attraction that can burst the moment someone in the relationship does something that doesn’t make the other feel good anymore. “If this romance lacks emotional maturity, it is doomed from the start – especially if it is just based on feelings from mutual attraction which are flimsy at best and can change at any moment” he continues to say. He also says that Kim and Kris  don’t know each other, but they are getting to know each other under high pressure i.e. the cameras, the games, the high point of their careers and this might bond them together but they might  be bonding over the high of the adrenaline and the pressure of their busy lives. And once that is gone, the romance, relationship and the chemistry might be gone too.

Dr. Dahlia Keen says that despite their chaotic work schedules, the couple marriage has a great chance of survival  because they are the ones that ignite the chemistry not their work schedules.








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