It seems that some of Kim Kardashian’s friends have decided to choose sides after the reality TV star split from Kris Humphries just 72 days after their marriage. Many view it as a publicity stunt and the decision by some of her friends to support Kris Humphries in this regard only strengthens it.

It is not clear whether Kim Kardashian is aware of the ‘betrayal’ by some of her friends. According to sources, she would definitely be unhappy about such an event. These sources also revealed that some of the friends, who have decided to support Kris Humphries, have been friends of Kim Kardashian for more than 10 years now. Maybe it should reveal something about Kim Kardashian as a person!

Even though Kris Humphries would be extremely sad at his married life coming to an end after just 72 days, it seems that life is not all painful for the NBA star. He made his first public appearance recently. It was to announce his partnership with Sector luxury watches. This partnership is expected to fetch him around $150,000. However, he declined to comment regarding the reasons for the split, although he said that it has been the most difficult time in his life so far.

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